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Why Financial Planning Partners?

Only you can decide if what we offer is for you or not. We never forget that you have a choice. However, we do know that we have many satisfied clients, many of whom have remained clients for over 20 years. We think that says something about us. FPP was established over 30 years ago and continues to thrive, receiving many referrals from existing clients and other professionals, something that also speaks volumes.

So why would you choose FPP over any of the many thousands of firms that are out there?

These days the marketing folk would have us believe that there is always a firm, person, provider or investment philosophy that is "the best" or "unique" or "new". Something extra special that provides the holy grail of investing, saving tax, or providing a service, and yet very often, when you "climb under the bonnet" there is little that is new or unique.

We don't think that people are that gullible. It's a bit like saying that a BMW is way better than a Mercedes, or a Ferrari is way better than a Lamborghini. The reality is that they are all fine cars but just do things slightly differently or more flamboyantly. Some people prefer BMWs, some Mercedes, some Audis, some Jaguars.

And some prefer Ferraris… but they tend to be expensive to run, can go wrong big time and cost plenty of money to fix. This analogy can be a fair reflection of many investment strategies that are said to be "new", "unique" or "market beating"; those that promise the holy grail of investing, I.e. high returns with low risk. We often see such investment offerings "go wrong" and then, inevitably, costing money to fix.

To take the car analogy further, what IS important and relevant is that a modern car is faster, quieter, safer, cheaper to insure, more economical and built to last. Financial advice has developed in a similar way.

There are indeed cutting edge technologies and financial, investment and tax solutions that we employ in order to be able to deliver first class solutions to our clients in a cost efficient manner. Both these solutions and our firm are built to last and in the process deliver a first class ownership experience.

We acknowledge that there are some excellent financial planners out there with great skill and expertise. By the same token we are proud to count ourselves amongst some of the best around; one of only 500 or so Chartered Financial Planning firms out of a total of around 16,000 financial planning practises. Sometimes the bits of paper count for something, and sometimes not – we think our chartered status begins to paint a picture of a professional firm dedicated to excellence.

Still not sure? We always recommend that prospective new clients "try a few on for size" and interview several financial planners before making their final selection. We don't suit everyone in the same way as not everyone buys the same make and model of car. In fact we let prospective clients know if we know we cannot add any value to the relationship because we won't let people spend their money on a relationship with us that won't benefit them. That's straightforward integrity.

We notice that many firms and advisers make a point of trotting out a list of adjectives describing qualities such as "integrity", "trust", "outstanding technical expertise", "product knowledge", "wealth management expertise" as though these are qualities that are new or unique… or in some way optional.

We think that's a bit odd. We believe that these qualities should be taken as read. They should never be in doubt and should be a starting point and not a value added extra. For FPP these qualities form part of the culture of the firm and always have done, which is why the business continues to thrive after 30 years.

So, now the rhetoric is over why would you choose to come along and interview us?

We have been around for over 30 years and FPP has grown almost entirely by personal recommendation. We have plenty of clients who have been with us for many years, and indeed we still have clients dating back from those carefree days of the early 80s.

We must be doing something right.

Why not contact us to arrange your initial meeting (or test-drive!) free of charge.

You can also click here to read testimonials from some of those long-standing clients, or carry on to read about our Investment Philosophy.

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FPP are committed to dealing with clients and prospective clients in a professional and ethical manner and to that end adhere to the principals laid out in the CII Code of Ethics, a copy of which is available on request.

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